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Artist Statement

Traces of the past revealed in objects and landscape are intrinsic to Sandra Storey's artwork. The mythological presence of moors and sea pervades her images which draw on a childhood in and life long attachment to the natural world surrounding  Whitby: it's villages, walks and moorland.

A practicing Art Psychotherapist since 1985, Sandra's experience and understanding of the creative process and attachment to people, places and objects flavour and inform her work. 

Using print making, drawing and painting she finds parallel processes in these mediums which highlight her ideas.


As Artist in Residence at Whitby Museum in 2015 she was surrounded by artefacts which resonated with the history of local communities and her own childhood. The residence at the museum inspired work which explores concepts of archiving, memory and the significance of the artefact or personal object.


Her work as an Art Psychotherapist has drawn Sandra's attention to the symbols people make and hold dear when experiencing emotional transition or change.

The permanence of  attachments and enduring memories of landscape sit alongside alongside increasing concern for the  actual fragility of the natural world, its  habitat and species. Her work aims to reflect this conflict.

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